Example of the Project Selection Screen

The following is an image of the project selection screen with 'tool tips' that pop up if you hover your mouse over an area in question. If you click on those areas, a message box comes up with that information as well.

Usually we register a grade at a time, starting with 12 and ending with 9 When you have completed steps 1 and 2, press submit You should enter your password here EXACTLY as it appears on your password sheet.  Note that *'s will appear You should enter your Last Name here EXACTLY as it appears on your password sheet You should enter your first name here, EXACTLY as it APPEARS in your password sheet If there are seats still available for this project The room where the class is to take place This particular course is restricted to Information System Juniors only Note that ALL projects are thuRsday periods 1-2 The teacher scheduled to teach this course The name of the project You click on the check box in the line containing the project you want to take in order to select it All the seats available for this class are already taken Click here to get a text listing of the projects offered